About Us

Sorichetti Leather Products are designed and made by hand in Toronto, Canada by the father and daughter team of Frank and Jessica Sorichetti. They employ a small team of highly skilled people to help them make their luxury bags and accessories.

Frank learned to make high-quality leather goods by hand decades ago. His mentor was himself a leather craftsman originally from France who learned his skills at Hermès. He showed Frank how to use tools that have mostly been left behind in leather manufacturing.

Both Frank and Jessica possess an eye for detail and are passionate about quality. They source the finest leathers from around the world. Most of the hardware they use comes from Italy. They insist on making everything themselves in their small Toronto factory.

They gravitate to classic styling, not fickle fashion trends. Timeless design principles are applied to new ideas that work in the modern world.

Frank and Jessica have been making bags and accessories for twenty years. They have made products for a wide variety of clients from North America to Japan.

Sorichetti products, however, are unique. They can’t be found anywhere else and are made exclusively for people who want timeless design, modern functionality, and high quality.